Hitachi Excavator Parts


All kinds of Hitachi excavator parts & Hitachi heavy equipment parts(Forklift parts, Wheel loader parts).

Parts Road is Korean No.1 Solutions of Hitachi Excavator, Forklift & Loader Parts. As total excavator parts platform, our business activity is as below.

- We contribute to customers' success by Hitachi Main Pump and Parts supply Main Pump Parts.
- Heavy Parts Solutions warrant top quality Brand New Hitachi Travel Device and Hitachi Swing Reduction Gear by OEM Technology.
- HPS customizes customers' needs for Hitachi Undercarriage Parts and GET parts.
- Our steps focus on reducing maintenance cost of Hitachi Engine Parts.
- We also supply Reconditioned and Used Hitachi Hydraulic Cylinders(Arm, Boom, Bucket).
- It has wide range of Hitachi Cylinder Seal Kits.
- We are always welcome diverse kinds of development for Hitachi Cylinder Pins and Bushings.
- HPS pursues Digital Parts Platform of Diverse Hitachi Filters like Air, Oil, Fuel & Hydraulic Filters.
- Heavy Parts Solutions aims at both win-win business of Hitachi Swing Bearing.
- Our logistics aim at in time delivery of Hitachi Hydraulic Hose and Fittings.
- We have in time supply chains of Hitachi Main Control Valves (MCV).
- Besides of excavator parts, we supply Hitachi Forklift parts and Hitachi Loader Parts.

We supply the following ranges of Hitachi Excavator Parts.

- Hitachi Excavator Hydraulic Main Pumps and Parts
- Hitachi Excavator Final Drive and Swing Reduction Gear
- Hitachi Travel Device and Swing Device
- Hitachi Swing Motor and Travel Motor
- Hitachi Main Control Valve
- Hitachi Undercarriage Parts
- Hitachi GET parts(Ground Engaging Tools)
- Hitachi Engine Parts
- Hitachi Hydraulic Cylinders(Arm, Boom & Bucket)
- Hitachi Cylinder Seal Kits
- Hitachi Oil Coolers and Water Radiators
- Hitachi Cylinder Pin and Bushings
- Hitachi Filters
- Hitachi Swing Bearings
- Hitachi Truck and Bus parts
- Hitachi Hydraulic Hoses and fittings
- Hitachi Forklift Parts
- Hitachi Loader Parts


EX10, EX20, EX30, EX45, EX55, EX60, EX70, EX75, EX90, EX100, EX120, EX160, EX200, EX210, EX220, EX240, EX270, EX300,
EX330, EX335, EX350, EX370, EX400, EX450, EX550, EX700, ZX20, ZX25, ZX30, ZX35, ZX40, ZX55, ZX60,
ZAXIS70, ZAXIS100, ZAXIS200, ZAXIS210, ZAXIS230, ZAXIS230-5, ZAXIS240, ZXIS270, ZXIS280,
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